Being a good cook is much simpler than you might believe. It is perfectly acceptable to experiment when you cook. By using these techniques, you will learn how to be a better cook and give you the opportunity to experiment with new ideas. Expand your limited cooking skills quickly with the following advice.

When cooking for someone that you want to impress it is important to make sure that you are preparing a meal that you have prepared before and know you can prepare well. You are taking a risk if you want to try something new. This will ensure that your cooking experience is stress-free.

Are you using fresh basil to cook with? Take some fresh basil and put some of it in a glass. Cover its stems completely with water. It will remain fresh for a good amount of time just sitting on the kitchen counter! Change the water once in awhile, and before long roots will even form on the basil. Periodically prune the fresh basil; this will stimulate the plant to continue growing for a week or so.

Store your dry goods, like sugar, flour, baking mix, and so forth, in airtight containers. Keeping food fresh and bug-free is simple with these containers. These containers can be purchased at almost any store and definitely make for a good investment.

This will help to keep your fruits fresh for much longer. You’ll also be able to enjoy fruits out of season when the mood strikes you.

If you are preparing a recipe that calls for milk or water, try substituting with an alternate liquid to add new flavor to your meals. Broth is a great substitute for water, and milk adds delicious flavor and extra nutrition to soups and stews. If a recipe calls for milk, try using buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream. Mixing up the base of your sauces and soups is a great way to liven up old recipes.

Carefully measure the oil you cook with. The reason to do this is simple: You want to measure instead of just dumping the oil in the pan in order to keep track of how much you’re using. If you know exactly how much oil you’re using, you know exactly how much fat has been added.

Don’t mix unfamiliar wine into your food. You risk the final flavor of any dish if you make it with an unfamiliar wine or one with an off taste. If you want a safe bet, most liquor stores carry cooking wines.

After eating turkey, such as for Thanksgiving, never throw away leftovers. The meat can be cut up, stored in separate bags, and kept in the freezer. Frozen, leftover turkey will keep for a few months, allowing you to pull out a container for sandwiches or salads at any time.

Keep your supplies and utensils well organized. If they are not properly organized, you will wind up rummaging around to find what you need. Group similar items together, and keep them in the same area. For instance, put all your spices in one cabinet.

Before you begin to cook, your utensils should be clean. Any leftover food post-washing can ruin whatever you plan on cooking next. This can also spread harmful bacteria.

Organize your materials as best as possible, if you desire to prevent the hazards of burns in the kitchen. A well-organized cooking area is conducive to great results. When you are disorganized, misplacing items or making food inedible becomes much more likely.

There are a few methods you can use to heating up tortillas. For example, place the tortillas directly onto a rack in a oven that has been preheated to 350 degrees. Remove the tortillas from the oven when they are sufficiently crispy. If you have a gas stove, you can also put your tortilla on the burner. Either method will result in a fresher, tastier meal!

Incorporate some insights from this article and see how the results are displayed in your cooking ability. Try everything at least once. Figure out the ideas that work best for you. Come up with a few tricks of your own. If you are committed to learning these tips, you can quickly become a much better cook.

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